Review for One Shots and Drabbles

One Shots and Drabbles

(#) BenRG 2007-06-22

This is a review for all the chapters so far. Yes, I know that they are all seperate one-shots and that I should review them all seperately. However, I'm lazy. So sue me.

With the exception of the first chapter, I have loved all of these stories. They are funny, silly, exciting and heart-warming in all the right portions. I especially loved the concept of the Karmic re-balancing needed for Harry in the chapter with the anime-esque mecha (Super Magic Mecha Force? Love it - Please try to write a full-length story based on that one).

The story with the Senshi was good too. I've seen a lot of 'Senshi visit Hogwarts' stories. This is the first time when 'Hogwarts visits the Senshi' in a way. Originality should be rewarded.

This has been added to my favorites and my alerts. I'll look forward to seeing more of this.

BenRG's Rating: 9/10