Review for Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

(#) meeniemoe 2007-06-26

No. Okay, I'm gonna try and calm myself down with the following:
1) I think i remember you saying that this was to be a THREEQUEL and for this to be a threequel, Brendon. Can't. Die.
2) what kind of happy ending is this? you wouldn't do this to us.
yeah. that's my feeble reasoning power, right there.
but other than that, i thought i was gonna get some cheery chapter but...this was very well written. and honestly, i don't really care if you had written it dramatic or happy because either way you'd still make the writing so impeccable.
xoxo nat
PS i find it coincidental that we updated within the same week ;)

Author's response

lmao, you're the only one who keeps me fixed to my word, arent you?! lol. it is a 3-quel, but you may have seen the way Ryan acts... (enough said). But, seriously, thankyou. God, you never fail to make me smile manically!! we did update in the same week?!?! FUCK!!! goes to read... lol, Geets xx