Review for Harry's Second Chance

Harry's Second Chance

(#) Cocoa_girl 2006-06-29

Hot dog and damn. Great idea Harry. Just how much money does Harry Potter have? And I do hope he continues to use his future knowledge of future events to make money and to save the wizarding world. I can’t wait for when the first person that brings in their captured death eater dead or alive. What a shock and talk about that will be. And the fact that that person really did get paid the promised amount will have the wizarding world in a tizzy. Bet a lot of dueling champions will try for it.

Author's response

All it will take is the goblins to confirm that the money is there, and that they don't care what the wizarding governments think of the idea to get the ball rolling. We will see one Death Eater (Nott) cornered.