Review for And I Wish You Away

And I Wish You Away

(#) WynonaKing90 2007-07-02

When Gerard had long black hair and wasn't big headed. Before the fame and bleach got to his head. When Mikey was sweet and nerdy with his killer glasses. When he was the spiritual advisor. When Frankie was hyper. When he had piercings and wasn't quiet. When Bob was chubby and cuddly. When he had "Bob Cam". When Ray had an uncontrolled Fro. I miss them, and I hope they come back. I hope Gerard starts spreading red makeup on his face in random places and I hope Mikey's eyes get messed up so he has to start wearing his glasses again. I hope Bob gains weight and I hope Frankie drinks more sugar. I hope Ray grows his hair back out. I hope Gerard writes just one more song about killing someone. Just give me back the band I fell in love with
i got this off of your myspace.
i cried when i read it.
you just said everything i wanted to say beautifully.
you have no idea how much i miss the thrashy angry songs about blood/murder/gore and the violent make up that use to be spattered on Gerard's face. i miss the OLD MCR...and i can tell you do too.
thankyou for writting this.
i know it sounds stupid, but i srsly cried sooo much when i read it.
i dont think gerard will ever write another song like "burry me in black"...BUT at least gerard isn't a drunk anymore...