Review for Black Vengeance

Black Vengeance

(#) Cateagle 2007-07-02

Hmm, 'twould appear that a lot of things are cropping up pointing to behind-the-scenes manipulations. I suspect Dumbledore may be closer to being found out than he expects. At some nare point in both Harry's look into what's happened to him and Susan's looking into why her aunt wasn't warned, both are going to run into that fine old Latin legal phrase, "Cui bono?", literally "Who's good?" or "Who benefited?", and I suspect that the answer to both will be Dumbledore. Once that's established, 'twill be interesting to see if they follow separate, joint, or collaborative lines of action.

Author's response

Dumbledore is a classic manipulator with a lot of experience. I think he will always keep a `plausible deniability' around him, even while he is playing his obnoxious games.

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for reading and reviewing. The next chapter is online new.