Review for Black Vengeance

Black Vengeance

(#) sweetgirl 2007-07-02

Love your story. It is very well thought out and flows nicely. great chapter. Love the mystery about how Harry ended up with the Dursely's. I mean how could the wizarding world allow the most prized wizard go to muggles. I always assume that other arraingments had to be made but it is like went stupid and agreed to whatever Dumbledore said. It never did make any sense. Also can't wait to see wht happen with Amelia Bones. How did this screw up happened. Keep up the great work.

Author's response

Harry was, is and will always be a tempting target for those attempting to secure political advantage. It is useful if you have the icon of the wizarding world as a trophy. The chapter just added should answer some questions regarding the Amelia Bones. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for reading and reviewing. The next chapter is online now.