Review for Quiet Suburb: Terry Street

Quiet Suburb: Terry Street

(#) Darkenchanter 2007-07-03

Heh, Dan is such an amazing and twisted character, and the way you write him takes full advantage of that. His violent acts and his careless attitude to them fit perfectly with the figure portrayed in the game.

I always left a little tense whenever I heard that bell, but you managed to make it so much more frightening in your descriptions of it. The comparison to a child works well, and Dan's confession of killing children was an interesting little detail that shocked and delighted me at the same time. It added yet another layer to his character, and really made me think about who he is.

In short, I loved it! You just made my favorite list!

Author's response

Oh, thank you so much! You have no idea how much your review means to me- I was jumping around giddily for an hour after reading it. This is was a really fun piece to write, because I love Dan's character and wanted to really get into it, all the violence and psychotic urges.

And those Roller Smiles always scared the bejesus out of me.