Review for Lions and Badgers

Lions and Badgers

(#) Cateagle 2007-07-03

That's an interesting intro to your story. I have to admit, it almost looks like Dumbles is playing the game just to play, not to win. Either that, or he's got an agenda of building his own power and reputation; in which case the prophecy bites him after he lets this oppportunity to get Tom slip away.

I'll be looking forward to further chapters.

Author's response

Dumbledore is playing the game for a very specific purpose. I always wondered about his lackadaisical performance against the Death Eaters - judging from books 5 and 6, not a single action against the Death eaters was initiated by Dumbledore. He seemed content to leave the initiative to them.

The prophecy is a particular peeve of mine and I will be dealing with it specifically in the fic.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, and thanks for the encouragement. The next chapter is online.