Review for A Twisted Timeline

A Twisted Timeline

(#) koppe 2007-07-04

Interesting twist to the time-travel/body-merge genre... and rather funny. The only thing I'm missing, is Harry's age being a bit more of a hindrence some times...
Harry a mobster-boss?!? snort Keep it comming. Is "Boss-Zabini" related to Blaise... and does Harry "remember" the Zabinis from his first time at Hogwarts?
Will Harry make contact with Hermione -- and maybe (some of) the Weasleys... and perhaps Neville and Luna (eg. to start training early)? I really like him to come in contact with Hermione...
What about the niece of the mobster, will Harry meet her?
Will Harry have to give-up clearing Sirius until he's able to reaquire the rat? Will Voldemort get back -- if not with a full body, then as a parasite -- earlier because of Peter?
Will Harry and his gang have a "talk" with the Dursleys? What will the Magical-World do to the Dursleys after Rita's story?
Keep up the great work and update soon.