Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-07-05

Aaah! you are on an evil streak! First billy and now you kill grandma!!!
I liked her reation. Very very good. You could feel the awarkwardness very clearly.
Youre moving fast again... slow down... please! I dont want this to be over!
Sorry about the whole Amy/Ali thing too. I totally spaced out and thought you wrote Amy instead of Ali. I didnt even remember who amy was. (Since Billys left I havent been the same!) lol. No it was probably the four mojitos I drank while reading your story last time.! lol. Dont worry Im sober now. I got all the characters straight. You need to give out some more 'screen time' to them though. Bleh. oh and "Bob" would like to know why hes not in your story! ----xoxo

Author's response

well i had to move forward to break free from that motherfucking writers block and besides i don't want us all to be 90 and still reading/writing you can keep my brother lol! i mention billy in the new chapter, lol, i guess billy got himself a fan...but we're not through with him!...i guess that after 4 mojios Amy and Ali sounds the same- hahaha oh and tell 'bob', i used more of 'bob' in the next chapters!