Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-07-07

("I'm not good at speeches or with formal shit".
Some people chuckled and whispered.
"That's OK my grandma didn't like my language either",) oooohhh that was good! Totally sounded like something that was actually said. I mean sometimes dialog is too perfect. Im sure he wouldve had a whole speech planned out in his head and then fucking curses by mistake... Really really good... it sounded like he was actually making it up as he went along and not pre-planned dialog on your part. =)
And then at the end, all skys 'realizations'... come off very well. Not to preachy. totally relatable. Espec. the one about thinking you can fly and then falling on your ass.. I loved that line; Still no where near the Im his gay lover though. That still cracks me up!

Author's response

i just can't top the gay lover thing, can i?! it's like artists who have just one good song and everyone remember them with it and anything else they try to put out is like blah, i think it's called one hit wonder so it makes me one line wonder? lol anyway i actually made it as i go along, usually i have the chapter planned out when i start writing it or i have one basic idea and then i go from there but it seems like he stuff that i don't actually plan and just type whatever pops up in my mind are coming out better...go figure...i think my respond is actually longer than the review itself lol.