Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-07-08

Aah that Frankie! Its good sky has him, keeping her sane. I love the bit about not needing so many guitars! lol.
But the beginning was sad. Sky cant give up on Gee. Go home and pretend nothings wrong!!! she cant! I know you dont want to hear it but Im bringing up the B word... thats right BILLY! She fucking helped Billy! I mean she wanted to help Billy. How could she just fucking say shes gonna go back to pretending everythings okay with Gerard and not help him?? Doesnt she love him! \
Rrgh. Maybe im wrong. Does anyone agree? I mean I know other people are reading this! Helloooo? can somebody please tell her not to let Sky ditch the tour!! ----xoxo

Author's response

did she really help billy? she knew he had a least in the back of her mind and what does she do? cut and drink with him! not the kind of help he needed.
she scared shit less something will happen to gerard, yet she doesn't know what to do...i'm kinda worried you didn't picked on it in the story, maybe i should just write it down and not beat around the bush sometimes.
but anyway, it's easy to want to help when there's nothing else to do.