Review for Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

(#) Anaknisatanas 2007-07-09

Is the chocolate frog card Agrippa? This was a great update. I really liked seeing Harris interact with Hermione. I was also pleased to see Narcissa in the last chapter. Will we continue to see her? Will Harris fall in love with her since she's not just a dumb blond? I also liked seeing Cho apologize to Luna and I really want to know how Harry will get the diary away from Ginny.

Author's response

Yes, it truly was Agrippa and Harry will indeed be seeing much more of Narcissa in the future. I'm glad you liked Cho being the one to lead the way with Luna, I was tired of fanfic sriters bashing her. As for the diary, it will be appearing soon. BJH