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Lulu Sutra

(#) fyre_byrd 2006-07-03

I like your description of the storm from Rikku's perspective and the way that she seems very pleased to avoid all storms by using an airship.

I like the way you play upon Rikku's curiosity by putting her in an unfamiliar environment and letting her explore it.

I love Rikku's deep concern for "Lulu's spiffy boots" grins. I also adore "behold-my-boobs maneuver" giggles. You are good at catching Rikku's sense of fun and silliness.

I love Rikku's complaints about the weather and her teasing about the food and the tea.

I enjoy the idea of Lulu and Yuna hunting. There's another whole fic you could lure me in with right there. You write these women very well.

I love how Rikku decides to beat on her boyfriend herself if she needs to get rid of him. Hee.

laughs and laughs Lulu's breast army. Seriously, I wouldn't have figured you were so brilliant at ridiculous Rikku banter and silly metaphors, but you really truly are.

And then I am just at a loss for words. Really this is all so lovely your description is perfect. For some reason when you put two women into a sexual situation I have absolutely no complaints about how you write about their physical interaction, maybe this is just you coming inbto your own as a writer though, sicne I realize those earlier sex scenes between Auron and Lu in Resurrection were written awhile back. But seriously, your description is gorgeous.

The idea of Lulu writing a spell on Rikku's skin with her nails for instance, wonderful.

Your metaphors are breathtaking. Really, you stagger me with this story. It's so lovely. I adore the idea of Lulu as a sisterly teacher of sexual intimacies.

Rikku saying that it's weird to be with a real friend is heartbreaking.

Hee and the book metaphor is beautiful. You're just so . . . is jealous. Really, I saw you asking on bangonfic if you need help with writing sex and the answer is "NO." You've done brilliantly.

Really, I have no words, I don/t You write their dialogue beautifully. I lie the way that Rikku is still a little playful when they are touching one another.

I love the way that Rikku attributes all kind of magic to Lulu's touches, the way she feels like Lulu commands the storm.

Also you know I hope this doesn't approach TMI, but it's nice to read fic by someone who obviously KNOWS ABOUT SEX. That is very good.

I adore Rikku's revelling in her power to make Lulu feel good.

This was awesomely lovely. I am so glad to have read it.

"Don't tell me you're shy of getting naked all of the sudden!" Replace "the" with "a."

Author's response

Wow. I am humbled and delighted that the most careful of critical reviewers found so little to quibble about. I have kept your critique of my early attempts in mind. Practice may be helping, but I suspect that my real-life experience is showing in this piece. (Which, in fact, is one reason I usually write het -- when I write f/f, I feel like I'm betraying old lovers' confidences, whereas my m/f stories are based more upon imagination than memory.)

Giving Rikku the chance to take control was possibly Lulu's most important lesson, since Lulu was trying to help Rikku overcome feelings of inferiority towards her.

About your nitpick: goodness gracious, that's an unexamined habit of speech I've had all my life!