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Lulu Sutra

(#) spindrift 2006-07-03

I really love the way this story was written. You write Rikku so wonderfully; in character, with all the curiosity and silliness and humour she brings. Your characterisation of Lulu is equally impressive.

The way you wrote the sex in this was so great. I'm not usually a fan of sex scenes, since it takes so little to jar me out of the story, but your prose is just so well constructed that I held interest all the way. I loved the speech during the sex, too--very Rikku. :D

The delicate and humorous way you handled this story is really impressive. The idea of a woman teaching a girl about love making has such potential for disaster, but you definitely pulled it off. Thank you for this story; it was a lovely read.

Author's response

Thank you very much for the review!

People often write Rikku as very sexual, but if she is, then she's a teenaged girl playing around, whereas Lulu's older and more experienced. Also, Rikku obviously looks up to and envies Lulu ("She's so together!") Both factors lead to an unequal relationship, which is dangerous.

I had in mind Sappho's school for girls on the threshold of (arranged) marriage. Classical Greek marriage meant going off to live in a stranger's house from which one was seldom allowed to leave. Under the circumstances, the girls and their teacher formed extraordinary bonds of trust and affection, the one time in their lives when the girls were free to explore being women without being in their father's or husband's charge. I can see how Sappho's hands-on sex ed may have helped prepare these young women for the scarier prospect of sex with a man.

Not quite the same circumstances here, but it gave me clues as to how to handle the situation.