Review for Demons Within Me

Demons Within Me

(#) Pheonee 2006-07-05

As for the title. Demons Within Me 2 is just clique. Try...(Some of these are really weird)

~Demons Within Me 2: Archie's Revenge( or Archie's Veangence or something of the sort)
~Demons Within Me 2: Desperation (Don't ask--It just kinda sounds cool)
~Demons Within Me 2: Savage Ground (Ahgain...don't ask)
~Demons Within Me 2: Twisted Fury (I just came up with that the other night while I was drawing. It was originally for a horse's name on an online Sim O_o)
~Demons Within Me 2: Unauthorised Attacks (I know, I know...)
~Demons Within Me 2: A Rocky Road (Ahead?)

That's all I can do for now...

Author's response

I had the exact same thought. 'Demons Within Me 2' is WAAAY to cliche. I like your ideas, and I'll be considering them, so thanks for the help! ~Demenior