Review for Holocaust


(#) noisee 2007-07-19

You are SICK and it's GREAT. xD That was pretty cool, didn't see it coming. I feel bad for my grass, now.

Author's response

XD You are the second person to call me "sick" after reading that poem, but I'm happy that you seemed to take the trait as a positive one (for some reason, the other person thought it was negative). Honestly, though, I'm rather surprised that this poem is the only one of my works to get the response of "YOU ARE A SICK PERSON"; I thought that my other works were much sicker.

But, anyway. Thank you so much for the review (it's my first one for this particular site)! ^^ And I hope this poem doesn't prevent you from mowing your grass in the future. XP I hope this little mini-rant wasn't TOO boring.