Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) zaberdeenz 2007-07-20

you know Prison Break? like, its absolutely horrible to watch, all shit going on makes you crazy and you would want everything be okay and fine and peachy and not so messy and dramatic and full of twists and problems and shit, but at the same time, if all that DIDN'T happen, it wouldn't be so amazing. like, there's this weird lovehate thing going on, you hate what's happening but you cant look away from it. that's kinda what i have with this story. i absolutely hate how they're messing everything up but at the same time..i abso-fucking-lutely love it too. kinda weird, but yeah.
Now i gotta go sharpen my fork. its got Elizas name on it if you get what I mean. grin MOOOOOOORE SOON PLEASE.