Review for Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

(#) DrT 2006-07-06

RE: Curse breaking
It was my first HP story, which never saw the light of day (although various scenes have been used in my other stories). A pair of twins and a cousin emerged from the Old Believers of North America to drive Death Eaters from North America during the first war with Voldemort (one twin died). The two powerful survivers arrive to teach in Harry's Fifth year. Much of the story line/personailty of the the two went over to Dr. Pwy in my first uploaded story (HP & the Old Believers). Anyway, the cousins (teaching Defense and Runes) taught Curse Breaking to Harry and other interested students, but most of those scenes didn't work. I've always enjoyed good scenes showing how to do it right, like yours in chapter 8


Author's response

Strange thing, I thought I had already responded to this review and several others below it. I am pleased that you enjoy the practical side of cursebreaking as I present it. Jim