Review for The Harry Potter Liberation Front

The Harry Potter Liberation Front

(#) jaysonwhite 2007-07-29

A better warning might have been "if you like the Harry Potter books as all, you might not like this much".

Poor story, you should have kept to the actual challenge. Then there might have been amusement to be had, at least.

Author's response

Maybe to the first line, but the second one makes me laugh quite a bit. Slavery amuses you? Good to know.

I wrote this challenge for all of the die-hard Harry/Hermione shippers out there, and if the flames on ff(dot)net are any indicator, they didn't quite get the message. As you could probably tell, I like Hermione much better than Ginny. That being said, I don't think she's really quite right for Harry. She's far too controlling, which is one of Harry's least favorite qualities in a person. I don't object to the pairing itself, but I do object to how quickly most authors put her on a pedestal. If she's going to be flawless, then we, as readers, should be able to see how she shed her many flaws in the course of the story.

So basically, I just wrote this to piss people off. I'm glad it's working so well.