Review for The Harry Potter Liberation Front

The Harry Potter Liberation Front

(#) 31415 2007-08-12

If you really had the intentions you claim in your reply to jaysonwhite's comment, then I'm not sure you were at all successful.

In attempting to address what you see as a flaw in many Hr/H stories, you've done exactly the same thing. Having "Hermione" enslave Harry is a very, very long bow to draw (the last two books not withstanding).

In any case, it was well written and reasonably well executed, though a little predictable and doesn't make it's point particularly well.

Thanks for sharing.

Author's response

First off, thanks for leaving a such a constructive and honest review. I really appreciate it.

I suppose I sort of have done what those pedestal users insist on doing, I just took her down instead of up. I could attempt to justify it, but I don't think I'd be being honest. The story is very flawed, but I still had fun writing it.

Oh, and the last two books were my other main reason for writing this. They left me with so many anti-Hermione feelings pent up that I just had to get rid of them somehow.

Thanks again for reviewing.