Review for Revelations


(#) HautFeuMaudit 2007-08-14

A good starting point, Harry isn't dumb, Ron is an idiot, Ginny too and Hermione seems to use her brain.
I hope that, in the future, you will not make Harry the ultimate solution to all the universe problem, like him being able to beat the Wraith with a snap of his fingers...
I have always been a fan of HP/SG crossover, the interaction magic/technology, magic explanation by science (harnessing our surrounding energy), the Alterans/Wizards relations, Ascension, the bigs spaceships ^^...
Well, I hope you will make this a good story, I will check for updates.

Author's response

I am glad you like it, I was really buged by the last book. I don't have much time for this story because I am busy with my other stories. If I did continued with it I would have focused mostly on John and Harry learning about each other. Had no real plans of him going to Atlantis and detroying the wraith. If he did go he would have been part of the scientist. Harry would have the gene but Hermione wouldn't. When she gets the gene thearpy it doesn't take. I would not have wizards be long lost descendents of the Ancients.