Review for Mischievous Elf

Mischievous Elf

(#) dunkinramen 2007-08-14

This is exactly the kind of thing I look for when searching out Rikkai-centric fics, although Seigaku will always be number 1 and Hyotei 2, Rikkai has a special place in my fangirl heart, snorts, yeah that was cheesy back to the point ... What I love about this 20 facts peace is the fact tha A) it was about Kirihara, how he and others around him view himself, and B) it was what I consider spot on. I personally think the devil-ace of Rikkai is seriously underrated, I feel that their is a serious lack of Kirihara fics out there and I think it sucks. So back to my main point of this whole review, I loved it, Kirihara Akaya needs more love.