Review for Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn

(#) reluctant_cynic 2007-08-14

Ouch, poor Harry, now that's painful.

I was have the same user name as an author at that I have been following. Are you the same author that wrote Adaptations? If you are, do you have any plans to finish it?

Author's response

Thanks, and yes that is me, BJH, I'm posted on FA, Pheonix Song, and here at Ficwad. I also do have a small Yahoo group that I haven't publisized much called The Professors Guild, however I set it up to not be an adult site and as such this story is not appropriate for it. The problem with posting this story elsewhere is that the NC-17 sections are vital to the overall plot and editing them out would greatly reduce the impact of what evolves later.

As for Adaptations, it has run into the same problem that my first book length story, Pheonix Reborn, did in that my central idea became canon and so it rendered the story moot. In Adaptations I was going to have Harry realize that his connection with Voldemort requires that he dies in order for Tom to and this would lead to the final climax. JKR has rendered that plotline redundant and so I am not sure if I will wrap the story up.