Review for The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

(#) Serran 2006-07-08

It is a really interesting Story, there are just some points of concern I want to mention. (Ok, they are mostly points in the Story where the answers have not yet come and I want to make you aware of my curiosity)

First of, I like, that Snape is not suddenly the long lost Father figure of Harry, and that Remus is somewhat more then he appeared in the books.
The fact, that Harry refused consorship by Remus or Snape was a sign, I am not exactly sure if it was just one of Independence or more.

Now, you mentioned repeatedly, that there were heritage supressioncharms and other restrains on Harry's abilleties and magic, what are these skills, because from what I read most of them are free to be used by him.
And has Harry read all Books of the Evans Line, maybe even being recogniced as the Heir?
If I had half a dozen Books that would increase my learning speed practically exponentially then I would read them first, making all other learning faster.

As far as I know everyone is 17 when they enter their seventh, also their NEWT Year.
So why is the NEWT score part of this amandment of the Emancipationlaws.
I thought with 17 they would be considered Adults and could take all responsebilletis and rights of an inheritance?

I understand Harry's hatred for Dumbledore in this Story, what I do not understand is his relationship with Voldemort.
Harry and his parents were cauhgt in the middle of what amounts to a pissing match between the Leader of the Light and the Leader of the Dark.
Harry has enough reason to hate both of them, just because Voldemort is somewhat helpful does not mean he is not an insane racist that is better of stopped and just as responsible for Harry's bad live as Dumbledore.

Does Harry have an Alarm on his connection to Voldemort?
He can't always hope to be there when Voldemort decides to sneak in.

Author's response

As far as what was/is being suppressed, those abilities/skills will start to show up in the next few chapters...

I was thinking more along the lines of someone wanting to take control before 17, and thus being required to test out of school, but I realize I was not specific about that intention. Sorry. Good point.

Harry has no illusions about Tom. He knows just how bad of a man he is.

As for the rest, all I will say is..."You'll see."

Thanks for the great review!