Review for Must Have Changed A Lot

Must Have Changed A Lot

(#) Nautilus 2007-08-17

very well done... i had kinda hoped to see more. especially how the families get along... i'm not askign for a full story about olivia, just more of that dinner that the Dursley and Potters are goin to have...

anyway, congrats and hope to see more stuff from you soon.

Author's response

Hmmm... Well, now that you mention it, it could have been interesting to see how the dinner went on. But I don't really think I have any ideas for it, beyond having Harry tell the story of the HP books and the Dursleys going "ooooh" or something like that...

Tell you what, though. If I ever do get any ideas for the dinner that I find worthy of pursuit, I'll withdraw my decicion to not write any follow-ups.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be looking at all those other fanfics I'm planning. ^_^