Review for Titans Trilogy: The Rise of The Dragon

Titans Trilogy: The Rise of The Dragon

(#) koppe 2007-08-19

Great story so far... loved the anti-theft spell on the letter.
I really hope Hermione (or Harry) sooner or later deals with Ron in a way so he remains dealt with (but hopefully without ailenating Ginny -- BTW, has Ginny also turned her back on Hermione and Harry?).
I really do hope Harry ends-up burning down the prophet...
I hope Hermione soon gets enough, and go (with Hedwig) and join Harry -- perhaps she really can become his "Dark Lady"? In any case, perhaps she can find some way of destracting and controll Harry -- he is after all a teenaged-boy...
What about Voldemort? Won't he soon confront Harry? After all, for Voldemort, Harry must be an usurper... and when Harry on top of challinging Harry get credit for the hard work of Voldemort/the DE, I can't imagine Voldemort will let that fly.
Keep up the great work, and update soon.