Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) brad 2007-08-21

Sigh. Why didn't ficwad send me an alert that you had a new story up? Thanks for your Yahoo group message!

Well ... DH was the triumph of the 'everyman' Harry, to the last someone with only adequate/normal magical powers. Funnily enough, though, there's much more justification for you to write your usual 'super/powerful Harry' based off canon, as we now have the Elder Wand!! Nice to see you/Harry use it. I felt that his plan to dispose of the wand was simplistic or hopeful in the extreme ... all we need is someone to waltz up to him and punch him out, and voila! A new master of the wand is declared!! Let alone the risk of Harry deciding to go on to be an auror, just about the riskiest profession of all! JKR just wasn't thinking.

I would have hoped you might have actually changed your version of the epilogue, but you stated that you're going to 'get the characters to that point'? Oh dear, H/G and R/Hr from Dr. T, has the world come to an end?

Author's response

No matter if you like or dislike what I do in this little (4 chapter) fic, I think you'll find you weren't totally surprised, since you know my other stories so well.

And just think, if Harry's wand can react on its own, just think of it powered by the elder wand instead of a little bit of Voldie