Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) BJH 2007-08-21

Really, really well done. I agree that the consequenses of Harry early death would be a mixed bag of good and ill. I enjoyed the poetic ends of some of the characters and the tragic ends of other, such as Remus. Hermione's life, as you state would be primarily uneffected by Harry's premature death but I have to wonder how the students of Hogwarts would react to the "Cousin who survived" as Dudley would likely be known. Ron, given his growing up with Draco, could easily see past it but I somehow doubt that many of the others would. Would they pester him with questions about what Harry was like and what his parents did to him?

I also would argue against Voldemort being weakened by Harry's death. Given how the loss of the Diary horcrux didn't result in any significant impairment in canon I don't see how the death of Harry would in this milieu. If you wanted to continue this story it would be interesting to see how the Marauders Gen II would react to the situations similar to the HP series.

The bunnies are loose. A retired Albus needs to persuade Headmistriss MicGonagall to protect the Stone when he hears that a loose Death Eater, Barty Jr, is conspiring to retrieve it for his master. Albus would have to explain to Amelia about the horcruxes and how he suspected Harry was an inadvertant horcrux and that he, Dumbledore, permitted the death of Harry as a sacrifice to the ultimate destruction of Voldemort. Everyone who hears the story is appalled at his heartlessness but they are convinced to take action when Gringotts is broken into. As a Ministry group, led by Kingley?, pursues the horcruxes, the M2 group stumble onto the stone. How would Dudley react when he recieves as a Christmas gift what should have been Harry's cloak? What would he see in the Mirror of Erised? His parents alive again? Or perhaps Harry? Set it in his second year with Ginny in school and the pair of them could stand together and both see Harry? Anyways, you know you did a good job when you trigger the imaginations of your readers to continue your story.


Author's response

Thank you for the kind review.

I am thinking that Malcolm would know to avoid any close discussion of Harry Potter. While I am not certain, I believe a prepared Minerva would have advised him to hide his relation to Harry, and explained the reasons for doing so. In the wizarding world, Malcolm would be just another muggleborne. (since this usually runs in families, it's not beyond possibility.)

Since Draco had been placed with families firmly aligned with the light, I can see how the children of other death eaters would be similarly placed. This doesn't mean that the all will 'turn good', but it would derail any long term programming. These kids are four to six years old. They have time, even the older ones, under careful supervision, to learn new ways.

I must admit, I threw the scenes with Hermione in because My daughter and I had just finished watching 'Matilda'. I was going to have the book open on the table but it wasn't published until almost two years later. sigh

I figured France, being a larger country and frequently at odds with Britain, would have a better system installed to deal with magical discharges. The British system is so impersonal and 'Big Brother'-ish.
Having a living person there to explain the causes and background would be a much better method of inculcating a new witch into the magical world.

I think Voldy didn't notice the destruction of the diary because that part of his soul had already been removed from him. In canon, Harry's scar-aches began in the great hall, at the sorting feast. That would indicate some sort of active connection. With Harry's death, I think it stands to reason that the link that was there would be severed. If Voldemort was tapping into Harry's power somehow, He'd immediately feel the loss, and it would likely hurt...more.

Your bunny ranch is popping the furry little pests out faster than I can shoot them!

While Voldemort is still out there, so is Dumblemort. Much of the series cannot take place now,because of the intervention. Still, where there is a will...

Being the paranoid bastard I am, (ex cop here!) I firmly believe Dumbles sent Quirrel to Albania specifically to be possessed. I have no evidence, but it stands to reason, as it's only when Harry reappears in the wizarding world that ol' snaky makes his own appearance. The sorcerers stone had been safely hidden in Gringotts accessible only to Dumbles and Nicholas, then suddenly the vault is broken into? Co-inky-dink? I think not! Without his interference, the whole stone scenario falls apart.

This story is complete, but I have one 'Inadvertent Horcrux' story waiting patiently in cyber-limbo, (Damn Win 2000!)

Your review was very helpful and I will note that on my reviews page. Thanks again. Alorkin