Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) Cateagle 2007-08-21

This story does follow the ripple effects of "Discovery" quite nicely and believeably. What happened to the adult Dursleys was quite deserved and this reader is glad that Dudley (Malcolm) got help early enough to grow up a decent person, let alone a wizard. I definitely see the destruction of the Horcrux and link with harry as somethign even Tom's spirit would feel. I thought the touch of Remus letting the head of Grunnings know the full story was a poignant bit, esp. when followed by the suicides of Remus and Sirius (I can't say I could blame or condemn either of them). I suppose it's for the best that a politically weakened, but still manipulative, Albus Dumbledore is around to help deal with a weaker Voldemort, but I could wish that he'd paid more for his egregious and on-going errors in judgement.

Y'know, if you're not careful, this one will spring lots mroe plot bunnies. One of which, to me, seems to be whether or not Harry's passing would shift the mantle of the prophecy onto Neville. With a stronger home backing and a good "crew" at his side and back, he'd have a much better shot at dealing with a weakened Voldemort.

Author's response

Heya, Cateagle. Thanks for your kind review.

As you can see, I am a firm believer of both 'Love with Discipline,' and the 'nurture' side of the argument. (I've raised my daughter that way for the past twelve years. Grins)

Voldy had to have had some kind of connection to Harry or his scar wouldn't hurt. If Harry is in fact, a Horcrux, (which is entirely likely) his death will have torn something away from the spectre. As he said in Four, "Ahh...pain beyond pain, my friends;...!"

I can easily understand Remus' and Sirius' decisions. I've already had to bury a wife and son. If my daughter were to die, I would have nothing left. I'd definitely want to join her.

Much as I (REALLY) wanted to, I couldn't chuck Dumblemort's manipulative ass into Azkaban.(I honestly believe he put Harry there on purpose! Grr! Hiss!) He's too powerful, politically speaking. Even out of office, he is still a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, public disgrace and the loss of all his positions, is the most I could do to him.

Your description 'Politically weakened but still manipulative Dumbledore', is probably what will tip the scales when the weaker version of Voldemort does return. Despite his 'circumstantial ethics', he is a most powerful wizard. That and the fact that the Aurors are at full strength.

As for more plot bunnies, you should read the last review I got. Bunnies galore! The possibility of Neville taking on the mantle is likely a non-issue. Augusta has made it her job to correct the damage done to her grandson. In addition, unlike in canon, here, he has friends.

I agree with your assessment. When I was in the Marine Corps,. I had a DI who's favorite saying was: "There is no problem so insurmountable, that it cannot be solved with a suitable application of firepower." The weakened Voldy will still have most of his Horcruxes. The one held by Lucius, (diary) will most likely be destroyed by the Department of Mysteries, since the Ministry has probably seized the Malfoy assets including the manor. The same can be said for the Locket at #12 Grimmauld. (With the death of the last Heir of the Black line, the house's charms will fade and the DoM will probably be called in to locate any dark artifacts.) Conjecture, yes, but likely.

Dumbledore will probably still go after the ring and get himself killed doing so.

Again, thank you for the thoughtful review. Alorkin