Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) NAPPA 2007-08-22

having read the title of the story, I admit, I was saddened at the thought that I would not get to see any of the usual H/Hr/L interaction that is your writing and that gives it all the more flavour. But I'm glad there are possibilities are open for things. And in this one it doesn't seem like Luna and/or Ginny and conviniently very very very good friends to setup the sharing thing. So many different things in their relationships need to be setup. And other things need to be resolved. So far it's a very good premis for the readers because they can't simply assume things will fall into the place for the sake of some previous fics.

NAPPA --- ( who is hoping that there are major H/Hr/L bits... maybe even H/Hr/L/G :D ).