Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) Sch1av0na 2007-08-22

The story is very interesting so far, but I do admit that I really dislike any H/G pairing based on the canon relationship that JKR wrote. I do like the H/Hr/L pairings that you've created before as I think they all complete each other.

At least at this point, I can't see Harry ever naming a son of his Albus Severus Potter. Did you realize that his initials spell ASP? Hmmmm...

I liked your portrayal of Molly in this chapter much better then the incarnation of "Ellen Ripley" that JKR created to take on Bellatrix.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how this story develops.

Author's response

In this version, Harry won't name his son Albus Severus. Or rather, isn't the one who does so.

To answer some other reviews, I really think we see 4 different Harrys in canon. Harry books 1-4, CAPSLOCK Harry #5, wussy Harry of #6, and passive sacrificial Harry of DH. Since many fans howl in protest atthose who DARE suggest that is bad writing on Rowlings part, I think those last three Harrys were under Dumbles' influence. This is Harry freed of such things.

Others' interpretations may differ. This is my explanation of why Harry's world in the epilogue nearly put me into a diabetic shock. Those who liked the epilogue will certainly not like this and disagree about the characterizations.