Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) Meteoricshipyards 2007-08-23

The Bonding is a great way to make sense of Harry's actions. (Love potion is another :-)

I like your analysis of the 4 Harrys (except I disagree that Angry!Harry is that disconnected from Harry books 1-4; yes he's angry but he's got Voldemort pounding on his head from the inside, Umbitch carving his hand, Snape raping his mind, and Dumbles ignoring him. I'd be angry, too. The real disconnect came after OotP and Harry ignoring Sirius' death and all his extended friends,
especially Luna.)

As for Ron -- my feeling is that in DH JKR was finally giving Ron a bit of the maturity he would need to be a good spouse.

Anyway, good chapter. Thanks for creating this.

Tom A.