Review for Luna's Hubby

Luna's Hubby

(#) drifter 2007-08-25

"The rescuers will have their fun
This will lead to anger and pain
The anger to distrust
The distrust may lead to failure but the Dark Lord shall arise
The rescuers will have their fun"

Sound familiar?
There almost has to be forgiveness, This is Luna'a story after all. But the "oracular pronouncement" seems to indicate she is going to have a hard time doing, or getting it.

I also wonder if the 'failure" might the marriage bond. And if so, can it be renewed, or as mentioned by Seline, will there be there "hatred for each other".

As to the "Mage-sight", it gives Harry headaches, remember. AND, will Harry trust Luna if she said don"t touch it?

Then there is the line "but the Dark Lord shall arise".

Something else that occurred to me; the ritual that brings back the Dark Lord in the cannon has a line something like "blood of the unwilling hero, taken". Harry has already given blood "willingly" to get through the cave wall to get to the horucrux, twice. Would it cause problems if he slightly turns his arm to "willingly" give blood during the ritule?

Anyway, thanks for the very good read, I look forward to seeing where you go from here.

May the MUSE be with you!!!