Review for The Real Epilogue

The Real Epilogue

(#) Cateagle 2007-08-26

I love how Hermione's situation and feelings reinforce her bond with Harry. I suspect Ron's going to be rather out of luck on this count and Ginny's going to find herself at leaset #2 in Harry's regard, though I can see Luna joining Harry & Hermione and Ginny becoming a third without as much consideration as she craves (I suspect Molly may end up cursing Dumbles even worse than Luna did).

It should be interesting to see how things work out with the Ministry, esp. since Harry does have that level of power at the moment.

I suspect both Harry & Hermione are going to be rather put out with Percy and Bill for not telling them about the bonding. I suspect there's going to be some very awkward moments for the lot of them before things are put right.