Review for Epilogue Minus 19

Epilogue Minus 19

(#) ZanyMuggle 2007-08-29

I agree with your afterword regarding the Book 7 Epilogue: ALBUS SEVERUS?? Yes, I want to name my son "Manipulator Abuser Potter" or, even better "A$$hole Prick Potter"!

On the other hand, like all of your efforts, this prologue-to-The-Epilogue reads well, is a nice character study, and has some good ideas in it. Case in point: Hermione's characterization AND her idea with the goblins was priceless. Your characterization of Harry, Ginny, and the Goblins was excellent as well. Really, the only characters you didn't dio well are the ones you didn't include!

So, thanks for sharing it with us, in spite of the non-profit, time-consuming nature of fanfic. I, for one, appreciate your efforts!


Author's response

You mean there's a character I DON'T do well? I'm shocked! (:-P)