Review for Death, In Glory

Death, In Glory

(#) pieguy3141 2007-09-01

Wow... I'm impressed. Parts of your story does bear resemblance to Pressman's Gates of Fire, especially the part about 'fucking.' Might want to change that up a bit to avoid copyright issues.

I'm also interested in the way you combined magic with Spartan hoplite culture. I also wonder if the same was done in other areas before the separation of wizards and muggles began (eg. In Thomas Harlan's Oath of Empire series, the Thaumaturgical Corps was the magical division of the Roman legions).

Another issue: Armour, or the lack of it. I know it's based off of 300, so the Spartans didn't wear any armour (yet they wore greaves?), but still, it annoys me. A lot.