Review for Stiches And Scars

Stiches And Scars

(#) poison03nae 2007-09-05

Hello... I just wanted to say I read ur buzznet and I have yet to comment on there so I'd thought I'd do it here cuz a) I don't have a buzznet b) haven't had the time to make I've read pretty much everything uve posted and I just wanted to say (no I'm not a stalker or some freak) ur writing is insperational and touching. The way ur words paint a picture and how u convay emotions is amazing. I'm an avid reader and I can't wait to see a publication of ur poetry or a novel.

I just wanted to say ur an insperation and I wish more people where like u trying to make this world we live in a better and more beautiful place. I belive the biggiest thing is peoples lack is not caring I'm glad to say there are people like u to prove me otherwise.

Sorry for horrible spelling I'm ganna be 21 and can't spell worth shit! Public school system for