Review for The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

(#) ilu-frankierofanatic 2007-09-06

Yay you, just so you know i will not write your name here :P lol. Your story rocks! Woot! I hope people do review because i do NOT want you to stop writing! If you do I might cry liek I did when mikey died I might add! Sadness! Kill anyone else and i might have to kill you. Cuz i know where you sleep haha. well obviously . Anyways great story . You have to read mine when its done! Woot im done about a chapter but its not on the site yet... I told you what its about today :) yay. anyways ... best story ever . Keep up the good work and dont let your parents read it cuz they would not approve. love you lots ttyl xoxo bffae!