Review for Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure

(#) Tamojin 2007-09-11

I just finished reading the last chapter and I have to say, this is a masterpiece. I had my reservations at first - first person narrative isn't one of my favorites, since it is usually done poorly. You however, have tapped into "The Voice" and made Harry's mental monologue smooth and believable.

Voldemort is a much more deadly (and intelligent foe - the explanation of how Tom Riddle learned to perfect his Horcruxes and learned Blood Magic was awesome) and the exploration of the other magical communities in the world is always a plus. The focus on British wizards in HP has become stale.

The only thing that seemed a bit hokey to me was the Daemon; but, at the same time, you put enough weaknesses in to make its presence more believable. The fact that Riddle needed help summoning and binding it makes it a plot device with purpose. He's not going to be able to do it again easily (if at all), which keeps the power balance in check.

Harry's slow progression in Curse Breaking rocks. I love Uber!Harry stories, but by having our hero gradually grow into his power is so much more real. Likewise, I love the banter back and forth between Harry and Luna - very adolescent, yet maturing.

9.85 out of 10 - I can't wait to read the sequel.