Review for Harry Potter Omake Files: Innortal Style

Harry Potter Omake Files: Innortal Style

(#) koppe 2007-09-19

Excellent start! Hope you'll update it soon.

It's funny... it has potential for lots of smut (I'm hoping for girl-on-girl too)... it looks like a harem-story... it looks like there'll be a focus on family -- and perhaps (eventually) children... and it has Gabrielle (and she's young too)... all of which are things I love in a story.

The only thing, is that it could benefit from being beta-read (not that it's really badly spelt or it matter so much, but it would become even better).

I'm very much looking forward to what happen now; when lots of parents discover their daughters have suddenly been forcefully engaged, and not just in a two -- or even three -- people relationship. I also wonder how Gabrielle will hande the other girls -- not to mention what the other girls thinks about suddenly being married... and sharing their husbands with other wifes. Then there are Hermione and Ron, Draco, and the rest of the school; and what they think... and what the rest of the Wizarding World thinks (Lucius, Fudge, Molly and Amalia certainly could cause problems). The Dursley's reaction when they find out -- especially if Harry's wifes troops-up to search for him -- should also be priceless (especially if Gabrielle goes into a fury).

Wonder if the girls manages to find Harry -- perhaps Ginny still remembers enough parseltounge to open the door to the chamber, so they can hunt Harry down...?

I would also love if Harry became victim of more laws; perhaps stipulating how quickly he must wed -- and perhaps even consumate, how often they must have sex, and how quickly they'll have to produce a chil (with each wife?)...

Harry should get some benefits also (apart from the sex); perhaps being emancipated and getting his inheritance (if his wifes goes on a shopping-spree he would need it)...

Finally with the false Moody in ashes; what will happen at the third task?

Keep up the great work and please update soon!