Review for Epilogue Minus 19

Epilogue Minus 19

(#) silverleafhp 2007-09-29

Sad part is that your epiloge was just as bad as JKR's. Sorta sad to see this kind of effort by someone who I know is a good author, if "Adaptations" is anything to go by.

In your version you did nothing to clear anything up, other than showing what might of happened to get Malfoy off.

Overall, a poor effort.

Author's response

I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it but I'm also a little confused as to what you mean by 'clear anything up'? No, I didn't pursue any new plots or devices, the purpose of the work was to resolve, to my own satisfaction, how the story could have gotten from the end of the battle at Hogwarts to Draco sending his child off to school along with H&G and R&Hr's. I came up with what I thought was a reasonable explanation of how Draco got out of going to prison, how Harry and Ginny would begin to come back together, and how Harry, Ron and Hermione manage to escape the wrath of the Goblins after the destruction they caused in Gringotts.

A new story or plot aside, what were you expecting to see?