Review for Epilogue Minus 19

Epilogue Minus 19

(#) hushpuppy22 2007-10-01

"Snape is a vile individual. The best thing that can be said about him is that he was consistant in his obsessions. He was a stalker. He was prefectly happy with the idea of killing Lily’s husband and child so long as he got to take possession of her. Her happiness and welfare were meaningless to him."

I couldn't agree more! I have mixed feelings about Dumbledore after DH but I just loved when he called Snape on the fact that Snape didn't care if Lily's husband or Lily's own child died as long as she lived. It's truly disgusting.

I liked your one-shot and have to say I wonder what happened to Harry's money too. I think that the Ministry probably confiscated his vault after the Death Eaters took over power. I do think Draco deserved at least 6 months in Azkaban but your solution is good too 'cause he would actually suffer for longer.

Author's response

In my own opinion, the Ministry doesn't have the power to confiscate vaults, if they did then why didn't they take Sirius's? Or the Malfoy's? No, I think the reason people will trust the Goblins with their money is that they trust the Ministry even less. I don't doubt that after consolidating power among the humans Voldie would have tried to take over Gringotts and subjegate the Goblins but whether or not he succeeds would be a matter for another story. Hmm, I feel a bunny attack coming on.