Review for Ambiguous Lies & Heart String Ties

Ambiguous Lies & Heart String Ties

(#) Lizzard 2007-10-03

“Oh GOD,” Jon huffed, “Brendon, what are you doing here? Hot dates, by the way.” He motioned to Ryan and Spencer who were standing a little behind Brendon.

“Thank you,”
“HEY!” Was the simultaneous response from Spencer and Ryan respectively.

Poor, insinuatedly gay Spencer and Ryan... Ooh! One of the kids in the play I'm in right now was wearing flamingo boxers! I was like 'Don't laugh... don't laugh... whatever you do, don't laugh, don't think of flamingos, and don't think of Spencer.'

Poor Jon... he's just a drunken fool, and he needs to get over what he did. so does Mace... They love each other, for Andy's sake!

Author's response

it's time andy got some credit ;o jk

anyways, i wasn't saying necessarily that spencer and ryan were gay....cause they aren't i was just illustrating how Spencer can take a joke and ryan is all sensitive about some issues xD