Review for A Twisted Timeline

A Twisted Timeline

(#) Teresa 2007-10-09

Here's hoping that they check Snape's wand, find the ak's, and cart him off to Azkaban double quick! (Does a happy dance at the thought of Snivellus in Azkaban, hopefully in Sirus's old cell!)I'm looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Harry does to Boss Zabini and how fast Hermione learns occulemecy.......but I'll bet that she figures it out pretty fast. Hmmmm....all of the plots and counterplots are great, and it'll be fun seeing how Voldy, Narcissa, the Zabinis, Dumbledore, and the Ministry get screwed up by Harry and his mob. Is Harry considering politics? With the experience he's gaining in the family buisness he could go far....snicker. Thanks for the latest chapter!