Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-10-10

AH youre silly! Of course I have fav chapters of yours. I love your story. Its not like I read it cause you force me too or anything. lol. In fact I think Im the one forcing you to write! hahaha.
I just dont always get Skyler sometimes but thats why I like it. I dont agree with her, but I understand her.
I mean I'd be all, Im his wife god damn it let me in! I mean I dont think she considers herself his wife. Ooh you know what would be cool if- wait no... I'll send it to you. (In case you decide to use it, I dont wanna ruin your story line) But then again you wont use it cause if I had any say in this story Sky would be off with Billy somewhere...(pre-bearded Billy that is)(Bearded Billy I hate!)
But anyway. Sky seems to be really confused and surprisingly Gee seems to be getting his act together... Ugh. too many emotions in this chapter to settle on just one. I think she might be jealous. I dont know. I think you summed it up in those last few lines where shes like whats wrong with me? And Im all like I dunno... I understand it. But I have no answers... Good thing Im not an advice columnist... Id be all like yeah that sucks for you sweety, NEXT! lol.
Aaaah, Walmart! nice.

Author's response

once again you picked up on the emotions i wanted to convey!
you're right she's jealous and don't see herself as his wife cause i guess she didn't have time to adjust!
anyway, i would love it if you'd send me what you had in mind! even if i don't end up using it, it would help me to see how people picture shit.