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Bella Rising

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2007-10-16

Too short. Interesting, so far, but I'm curious what you're going to be doing with this. Is it the whole Vamp!Bellatrix with a soul looking for redemption in a sort of Angelus/Angel thing? How are you planning to make it Bella/Remus when Remus was 1) Dead, 2) Hates her endlessly and 3) dead? :) I look forward to your update, but put more thought and length into your chapter, please. :)

Geovanni Luciano

Author's response

Thanx, as always, for reading and reviewing.
Yep, short chapter. Which is why I called it the prologue - an amuse buche if you will. Other chapters will be longer, but maybe not by much as I prefer to update twice a week. The choice is between shorter installments or longer chapters.
As for Bella and Remus being dead, as Chef Gusteau said in Ratatouille, "Zat is no match for wishful thinking!"