Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Cateagle 2007-10-21

chuckle Going for membership in the "mile-high club" are they? Be more challenging to try it on a broom. In any case, I like how things are coming together here as things start to form up.

It appears Albus is finding events not to his liking, given the teams Harry sent into action in the last chapter and his withdrawls, I suspect he's going to be even less pleased with immediate future events. I don't think Ron nor Ginny are going to like things being taken out of their control, either. Methinks Ginny really needs to learn more basic opsec, an unprotected diary is just so not done.

What's interesting is to watch how Hermione's parents are coming to support them as a coupld in 'most anyway they can.

Luna is, as always, Luna and looks to have a better knowledge of things than most would credit. What will be interesting to see is where the choices now being made prune the possible events tree, I'd wager it's going to get -very- interesting soon.

Author's response

If the scene in the head wasn't clear, Hermione left after she told him she needed him... The rest was just the happy ramblings of Harry's inner perv.

Few of the Hogwarts conspirators are destined to be happy people...

I'm trying desperately to avoid the "Hermione's Parents Love Harry So Much that Not Only Do they want Harry to Take Hermione's Virginity, They want to hold his cloak while he's doing it" cliche. Andy is less than thrilled, and since he can't get his hands on Ron, Harry will do in a pinch... Still it's hard not to like someone who hands you 3million pounds and tells you to take your little girl and head for the hills...

Luna is,well Luna. She is, to my mind the most sane of the cast.