Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) DrT 2007-10-24

The Wizengamot meeting would have been interesting . . . did Harry denounce Dumbledore? did dumbledore misstep? Guess we'll find out later. . . .


Author's response

The session of the Wizengamot was the opening session of the year, purely ceremonial for pomp and circumstance, and the seating of new memebers. I envisioned something not terribly unlike the annual seating in Britain's House of Lords.

Then I attempted to write it. Watching the real thing was interesting for about 20 minutes, then deathly dull. Writing it was hellish. I tried 5 times, and couldn't keep my own interest up. Let it suffice to say that Harry and Neville took their seats, were recongnized as Lord Black, Potter, and Longbottom respectively and then did several suduku puzzles each while mindless speechifying was in progress. No confrontation with Dumbles other than the one outside the chamber.