Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Cateagle 2007-10-24

Now that was quite interesting. Harry & Hermione's first night together definitely "rang true" for all they've both been through and what they feel for each other.

I found the bits with Dphne interesting as she learns the reality behind her plans has the potential for being even better than the plans.

I rather suspect Neville is going to become a most excellent and valuable ally, as the Twins will continue to be.

The reactions of Ron & Ginny when Harry & Hermione return to Hogwarts should be "colorful", at the very least. I suspect Fred & George will supply much help in preparing for that.

I can't feel any sympathy for Dumbles, he made his choices and now has to face teh consequences of his actions. He seems surprised that he'd ever be called to account; IMHO his ego's as large as Tom's. Speaking of Tommy-boy, I think he's making a classic mistake of underestimating the opposition, a reluctance to kill is not the same as an inability to kill. Actually, letting Ron Ginny live while seeing Harry, Hermione, and Daphne together and happy is far more punishing.

I can just see the entrance at the arrival feast when the door bangs open and Harry walks in, one of his wives on each arm, and introduces "My wives, Hermione, Lady Potter, and Daphne, Lady Black" and then asks for new accomodations suitable for the three of them. With or without Albus' consent, I can see Hogwarts providing such.

Author's response

- The fics that have Hermione (or what ever fem in question) as eager to shed her virginity as a horny teen aged boy all seem to be written by horny teenaged boys... There may be women like that, but I've never met any.

- Daphne seems to be more welcoming to the modification of self than I would be, but thats the way she is in my head...

- Neville is good people, who tends to get abused in canon, even in the last book where he is the least whiney of the cast and arguably the real hero of that book. The Twins are fun.

- Both Dumbles and Tommy are underestimating Harry (especially when it becomes apparent next couple of chapters that he shared magic isn't only effecting Daphne) It's funny you meantioned Ron and Hermione and Daphne and punishing...

- The arrival is quite a bit like you are imagining... Though a bit more confrontational...